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Startup  Image ChatGPT
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

Combining chatbot elements with ChatGPT with a better user interface and a stunning design, TypingMind delivers a great user experience with faster response times, chat history search, multiple languages, and custom saved prompts. Chat history is stored locally per browser.

It's a static web application that acts as an HTTP client for the ChatGPT API, implying it does not need a back-end server. TypingMind runs directly in your browser but there's also a standalone desktop app. Access to GPT-4 is not automatic with TypingMind

  • Unlike ChatGPT, TypingMind can perform search queries via selected search engines if the Web Search feature is enabled.
  • Upload and chat with a PDF
  • TypingMind predicts what you're about to type and helps you turn your ideas into creative content.
  • TypingMind's Syntax Savant feature will help you fix any problems with your sentence structure. Using this ingenious AI, you'll get flawless grammar and punctuation every time.
  • From Google Docs to Slack, TypingMind integrates seamlessly into your workspace and will be there for you whenever you need it.
  • Powered by OpenAI, TypingMind stays on top of the curve with constant updates and enhancements.
  • TypingMind allows you to self-host on a personal server for privacy and availability.
04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Grammar checker
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

Trinka is a word-wrangling, syntax-slinging AI sidekick for academic and technical writing. Trinka sniffs out those hard-to-spot errors that traditional grammar checkers might miss. Great for advanced English grammar gaffes and scientific style snafus. Watch your writing transform from drab to fab!

Trinka finds difficult errors unique to academic writing that other grammar checker tools don’t. From advanced English grammar errors to scientific tone and style.

A specialized grammar checker and language enhancement tool designed for academic and technical writing, ensuring precision and professionalism across all subjects. Trinka's algorithm has been trained using academic papers from various fields so it has the authority to suggest relevant corrections and suggestions tailored to your subject area.

Trinka goes beyond basic grammar and spelling corrections to ensure that your writing is both polished and precise. It also includes a plagiarism checker. Free for up to 10,000 words per month.

Alternatives: Grammarly, Quillbot, Linguix

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image VoiceofCustomer
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

Eclipse AI takes the guesswork out of understanding and retaining your customers by merging chat, surveys, audio/video calls, emails, and online reviews into one platform.

Exclipse allows you to create unique surveys or integrate existing surveys.

Get actionable insights that highlight areas of improvement and boost your Customer Experience KPIs.

Focus on executing strategies that matter instead of manual data analysis.

Questions that Eclipse AI can answer for you:

  • What are the top reasons why customers are churning?
  • What are the most common pain points that customers are experiencing?
  • What are the best ways to improve the customer experience?
  • What are the most effective ways to retain customers?

How it works:

  • Listen: Connect and amalgamate your omnichannel voice-of-customer data.
  • Understand: Identify real-time trends and warning signs that affect customer retention.
  • Act: Receive AI-assisted insights that lead to increased customer retention.
04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Interior design
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

Think of REimagineHome as your personal pocket architect who's always on time. REimagineHome virtually stages rooms, lending them a lived-in aesthetic or an immaculate, ready-for-sale look.

Boosting a property's curb appeal has never been easier. REimagineHome can virtually dress an empty room faster than a reality TV makeover show. REimagineHome is remarkably user-friendly, making it accessible for non-technical users.

  • Experiment with bold color choices and materials without the commitment of a full-scale renovation. REimagineHome presents the potential reality of your boldest design ideas.
  • Specializes in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms with options for cabinets, countertops, and tiles. A specialized tool tuned for the most crucial rooms in a house. Manipulate cabinets, counter-tops, wall tiles, and more in a virtual space before undertaking any physical remodeling.
  • The sky replacement feature is particularly beneficial in presenting properties in the most flattering light.

Here's an AI tool that bridges the gap between architectural layout and finished project. Assisting in visualizing both interior & exterior designs, REimagineHome provides a much-needed edge in sales pitches.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Podcast
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

With studio-quality recording, AI-powered editing, and hassle-free exporting, Podcastle is a powerful tool for broadcast storytelling.

It's got multi-track recording, audio transcription, intuitive editing with auto-leveling and dynamic fading, realistic text-to-speech, Magic Dust noise cancellation with AI, and Revoice, where you can make digital copies of your own voice.

Podcastle's Magic Dust AI transforms low-quality audio recordings into professional-level sound. A good option for users who need to record audio outside, on the go, or on their phone.

  • Transcribe live speech or audio files into text within seconds.
  • Make high-quality podcasts, even remote interviews, without any expensive equipment.
  • Turn any text into lifelike human voices using cutting-edge voice skins.
  • Edit audio files by simply making changes in the transcribed text. Magic Dust removes background noise and professionally processes audio tracks to improve speech quality.
  • Convert text into audio with ultra-realistic voice skins to improve listener and student engagement and learning.

Alternatives: Castmagic, OpusClip, Podium, Recast Studio, Descript

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Content writing
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

A content writing tool that won't bombard you with buzzwords like "unleash" or "next level". Backed by the huge resources of one of the world's premier SEO tools, SEMrush, ContentShake has some unique features for those looking for a reliable AI content writing assistant.

Get dozens of content ideas to make your blog posts click with your customers. ContentShake generates tasty titles for your blog posts. Ideas are sourced from public queries and competitive insights - enjoy the feast!

Analyze competitive insights and questions asked by your audience, giving you actionable tips and recommendations to enhance your content. Become an instant expert through AI-driven insights—no Ph.D. required!

Write and optimize your copy, then use AI features to rewrite, simplify or expand it — the article outline is ready in a snap!

Get ready-to-use AI suggestions and outlines, along with detailed briefs, make it easy to create content that ranks above the competition.

  • Get data-informed suggestions and tips on what to include in your content, how long it should be and how best to describe it. Copy the structure of successful articles, or get inspired by competitor sites' titles.
  • Peek into your competitors' playbooks to uncover fresh ideas. Get a detailed tour of their detailed article structures, keywords, and headlines.
  • Get the most relevant opportunities around your website's content, categories, and tags.
  • Share briefs with writers and collaborate on projects in real time.
  • Describe your business, and let Outline Builder show you the trending topics for your content journey. Pick a topic, review it, and tweak it so that it resonates with your site's vibe.

Publish your articles directly from the content writing tool to WordPress

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Generative Text
Startup Ideas AI Author Image is marketing tool with a different approach to other generative AI tools. One of the standout features, and probsbly the one people will use most of all is the ability to enter an URL and get sales copy or email marketing copy based on the contents of the URL.

You can auto-generate and then tweak content much quicker than it would take to write from scratch or even with a template.

Provide a topic or upload existing content for extra guidance. Perfect for busy content creators, marketing teams, and entrepreneurial business owners

Think of Tugan as your digital assistant that reshapes how you write. Whether it's emails, tweets, Google Ads or Facebook Ads, blog posts, sales letters or discussion threads. takes your input - a topic or existing content - and spins out written creations with an enviable ease.

Tugan is an always-on, a reliable partner in your writing tasks that will never let you down. Tugan knows how to write in your voice and style, and can even take on the challenge of creating content for topics it's unfamiliar with.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Web scraping
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

Hexofy is a browser extension that transforms the way you gather data from the web. It's a tool that simplifies web scraping with just one click.

Hexofy can pull data from any website—eBay, Amazon, LinkedIn, Reddit, Crunchbase, Twitter, Google, TikTok, YouTube, Product Hunt, and more. Need leads, tweets, products? Hexofy captures all at just a mouse click.

It's not just for high-scale data extraction. For everyday needs—like gathering insights from your current webpage—it's a go-to solution.

Designed to work seamlessly with popular websites, offering dedicated 1-click data capture—extract LinkedIn profile details, and Amazon product specifics directly to your clipboard or Google Sheets.

Hexofy's AI assistant is one of the main reasons this tool stands out from other (less easy to use) web-scraping browser extensions. The AI assistant can take the data you've just scraped from a page or website and summarize it or create a social post. And there's more, the extension offers a free-form AI prompt, so you can literally manipulate or query the data in any way you like. 

The company's main product, Hexomatic, is a cloud-based platform meant for high-scale scraping and automation tasks. Hexofy, on the other hand, focuses on capturing data from pages currently being browsed, ideal for quick and immediate tasks.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image WordPress
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

CodeWP is an AI code generator designed for WordPress, offering different modes such as PHP, JS, WooCommerce, Elementor, and The Events Calendar. Users can prompt the tool to generate code which they can test and install. CodeWP is continually learning to improve its code creation capabilities. Users report that CodeWP saves them time and money by eliminating the need for extensive searching or professional developer support.

The generated code can be used with any free or paid code snippet plugin, theme, or WordPress installation.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Image Editing
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

Aura AI brings your imagination to life whether you're looking to create beautiful artwork, unique slides for presentations, or simply have some fun unleashing your creativity.

Aura AI is an app designed to transform your text prompts into stunning visual creations.


Text-To-Image: The app translates your text prompts into visually stunning images, giving you the ability to transform your ideas.

Incredible results: Just imagine starting with a simple prompt like "Two puppy dogs sitting on the couch," and then gradually transforming it into a detailed image that captures the essence of the scene.

Fun and educational: This app is perfect for transforming your ideas into reality, allowing you to craft stunning visuals effortlessly.

Work mode, fun mode, or educational mode: Whether you're in work mode, fun mode, or educational mode, Aura AI adapts to match your requirements.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Web Design
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

ZipWP offers a fast way of building top-tier, professional websites without writing code or learning a complex website builder tool.

ZipWP creates the first draft of your website. You'll add the final touches, customizing and perfecting the layout and other elements.

  • Efficiency: With ZipWP, you can design and launch a beautiful website in minutes.
  • User-friendly Interface: The platform's interface is easy to learn, making it suitable for expert designers and novices.
  • Cost-effectiveness: It's free to use, and there are no monthly charges unless you opt for premium services.
  • Customization: With ZipWP, you can customize your website's design and branding elements to fit your unique style and needs.
  • Compatibility with WordPress: ZipWP is compatible with WordPress, making it a convenient tool for popular content management system users.

ZipWP isn't magic, but it's a compelling option for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs seeking a quick, affordable online presence. The free plan is a steal, offering a functional website with a decent design and surprisingly good AI-written copy. While you won't win web design awards, you'll have a professional-looking platform up and running in record time, freeing you to focus on your business.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Data analysis
Startup Ideas AI Author Image integrates advanced AI features into familiar spreadsheet environments, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. It adapts to various sectors by offering specialized solutions for online sellers, content marketers, researchers and students—and even data analysts.

  • Organize your data efficiently by automatically categorizing spreadsheet content, such as employee feedback, into relevant topics.
  • Use ChatGPT directly in your spreadsheets with the =AI(...) formula and enjoy batch processing of AI prompts.
  • Teach Numerous specific, custom tasks with the =INFER(...) formula. Provide a few examples, and let the AI handle the rest.
  • Generate text, such as marketing copy or customer responses, with the =WRITE(...) formula, leveraging ChatGPT's language capabilities.
  • Access a variety of pre-built, AI-enhanced templates for common tasks like data extraction, reformatting, sentiment analysis, and more.
  • Judge the tone of text data, turning qualitative feedback into measurable insights.
04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Shopify
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

tinyEinstein is like a personal assistant and marketing manager in one. Aimed at Shopify store owners, solopreneurs, small teams, and marketing managers, tinyEinstein saves you time and money, while automating your marketing processes.

  • Automates key marketing activities using AI and playbooks from leading e-commerce brands
  • Sends on-brand messages with zero ongoing input from you
  • Saves you hours weekly on setup, monitoring, and reporting
  • Replaces costly software and agency expenses with an all-in-one solution

Whether you're a business owner with an established Shopify store, a marketing manager juggling multiple responsibilities, or a solopreneur with limited tech/marketing know-how, tinyEinstein can handle your email marketing like a pro-level marketer.

  • Get on-brand tailor-made master templates for your email campaigns that incorporate your brand's voice, assets, and visual styles – no design or coding needed.
  • Enable intricate triggered-automations and let tinyEinstein grow your store on autopilot. One-click creation of complex automations is what it's all about.
  • Generate automated abandoned cart emails, purchase thank-you emails, welcome emails, and weekly newsletters are all included.
  • Add email popups and capture forms automatically.

tinyEinsten uses AI to streamline your messaging programs and do the heavy lifting for you. Email marketing can be a huge time suck, so using an artificial intelligence robot to do the work is music to the ears of most Shopify owners.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Online course
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

AI-assisted solutions can also take the form of online courses that generate income and develop brands. 

Use CourseAI to turn your knowledge into an interactive online course using Artificial Intelligence

  • Develop an organized course structure with a clear overview and learning objectives thanks to data. The course outline, title, description, and content are all created with the latest artificial intelligence tech.
  • Divide your online course into engaging modules with educational content tailored to your topic. Let your students enjoy an in-depth exploration of the course content, goals, and anticipated outcomes.
  • Research the demographics and psychographics of your potential students by asking questions describing their background, attitudes, interests, or lifestyles. Get an avatar of your potential student, ensuring the course is pitched perfectly.
  • Coming soon: an AI voice-over that pairs perfectly with your video scripts.

Build a passive income by disseminating knowledge with an online course. Reinvent yourself by becoming a teacher, coach, or consultant. Give your life meaning and purpose with the gift of knowledge.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Writing Assistant
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

CopySpace specializes in writing marketing blogs and copy, crafted to drive the highest possible return on investment. With a seasoned digital marketer available 24/7, this is super simple: just select a topic and tweak our outline—then hit magic button!

CopySpace's AI-powered text editor uses the world's best copywriting models, from GPT-3.5 Davinci to GPT-4—customize your shortcuts and swiftly move around documents with ease.

  • Autowriter is a star feature. In just minutes, Autowriter can generate an entire post (of up to 8000 words) from scratch. Just feed in your keywords and background information, and watch the magic happen. Rearrange and fine-tune with drag-and-drop features and rewrite sections instantly.
  • Works seamlessly with over 100 languages, including English, German French Spanish and Japanese. You can now create content in your preferred language effortlessly—and reach a global audience
  • Use 100+ ready-made AI blogging & marketing tools to find the best prompt for each project. Then let your tool teach you how to write amazing content.
  • Organize your files and folders, apply colors to text and backgrounds to add visual interest, customize shortcuts for faster navigation.
04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Interiors
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

Use HomeDesignsAI to get endless home design ideas. Whatever you're looking for, from inspiration to a tool to speed up your design process, HomeDesignsAI has it.

In just a few seconds, you can reimagine interiors, exteriors, gardens, patios, and terraces. Choose a mode and a design style, then upload a photo of the space you'd like to redesign. AI will then generate a high-quality image of the transformed space so you can see how it'll look before committing.

Redesign various interiors, from living rooms to kitchens, using AI and 40+ design styles. Get inspiration for every nook and cranny of your home, both inside and out.

  • Furnish empty or under-construction rooms, adding functional elements to your space.
  • Update color schemes and enhance design elements to improve room aesthetics and appeal.
  • Rearrange room layouts by altering furniture placements to offer a fresh perspective.
  • Download crystal-clear, AI-generated images that help you visualize the proposed changes. 

HomeDesignsAI lets you rearrange furniture to give your space a fresh perspective. Additionally, the app produces crystal-clear images that you can download, making it easy to share your design ideas with others. HomeDesignsAI is perfect for personal use, but it's also an invaluable asset for industry professionals.

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Content
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

The 10Web AI Assistant is a quicker, easier way to create and edit content in WordPress. This AI website builder generate unique, SEO-optimized website content that is indistinguishable from human writing. Plus, it comes with plenty of helpful features such as generators for various types of content and a paraphrase generator - perfect for saving time and resources

The plugin has an easy to navigate dashboard that lets you to create, edit and optimize your content with a click.

Not only does it make creating content simpler, but it also works to improve readability, style and creativity. There are over 20 templates with tailored prompts on offer so you can get the best results possible. All this comes within the 10Web Dashboard which includes its own Document Editor - ideal for streamlining the whole process even further.

Add-ons for major WP plugins are also available.

Suitable for WordPress pros and beginners.

Alternatives: GetGenie

04 Jan 2024
Startup  Image Subtitles
Startup Ideas AI Author Image

Submagic is an AI-powered captions tool that breathes life into your videos in a whole new way. Create short, engaging summaries, amplify content reach, and reach new audiences all over the world in other languages.

  • Submagic transcribes audio into written text in 48 languages with pinpoint accuracy. Eliminate transcription errors, globalize your content for accessibility and beat time constraints
  • Stay ahead of the design curve with the latest trending templates, updated constantly.
  • Elevate your captions beyond mundane blocks of text. Add a touch of color to your captions. Emojify your lines and stress the critical points, so that your audience can stay engaged with what you're saying—from start to finish.
  • Let AI help you with creativity. Craft catchy descriptions and #hashtags easily—reach out to a wider audience and engage better.
04 Jan 2024
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